Marika Pea (psychlops) wrote in youmustsubmit,
Marika Pea

Dalhousie Review question

Hello! I was wondering if anyone here has experience submitting to The Dalhousie Review, a literary magazine in Canada. I'm going to start sending out my work (poetry) this spring, and I'd like to submit to them, but I'm concerned about the fact that they have no information about reading periods, simultaneous submissions, or payment on their website or in the most recent issue of the magazine. I enjoy most of the work they publish, and because they're affiliated with Dalhousie University, I'm confident they're a reputable mag, but I would feel more comfortable knowing the aforementioned information before I send anything off. I'm a novice at this, and have no idea whether it looks bad to email the editor asking about this. If anyone has advice on the etiquette such an inquiry, or, better yet, knows of another source where I might find this information (a database/reference list for lit mags, etc), it would be much appreciated!
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