Victor Infante (ocvictor) wrote in youmustsubmit,
Victor Infante

This has been quiet lately ...

... but this forum has always helped kick my ass in gear when I'm in danger of falling out of Submissions Mode, so I'm going to post to it anyway. Cause I've been busy, and want to stay that way.

Recent activity:

*My short story "John Peel Died For Your Sins" has been accepted to Chiron Review.

*My poem "After the End of the World" has been accepted to the UK fantasy journal Dark Horizons.

*I have a whole mess of poems at Sage Trail Poetry Magazine, with fingers crossed. It's relatively little, but I'm very fond of it, and its had some great contributors.

Have a weird rattlebag of poems that I'm readying to send out -- some have stalled because they need revising, some I just need some distance from. None of them seem to go together, so that might be part of the problem. It's hard to put a bunch of poems in one packet that almost feel like they were written by different people. Maybe that's just me, or maybe I just need to find the right venue.


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