jenith (miss_jenith) wrote in youmustsubmit,

Market for Science/Biomedicine Poems

I received this notice through a professional group - permission was included to share anywhere poets may be lurking...

If you have written any (unpublished) poetry touching on
the intersection of communication and science [including but certainly not limited to biomedicine], please submit it for consideration for "Peer-Renewed," a column that debuted in the July-August 2006 issue of Science Editor, the bimonthly journal of the Council of Science Editors (CSE), based in Reston, VA.  The ideal maximum length of each poem (or cluster of poems) is about 90 typeset lines.  Type your poetry within the body of an email, to prevent any difficulties with opening attachments.  Add a short paragraph about your educational and professional background, including whether or not you have had any poetry or other literary work published before; note that this material may be edited for inclusion in the column, if your poetry is accepted.  Email ( to Mary E. Knatterud, PhD, Editor, "Peer-Renewed" column, Science Editor.  Thanks!

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